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Recognizing Red Flag Moments

Have you ever had the experience of meeting someone for the first time and immediately sense that something just isn't quite right? Or maybe this person has shown you the best side of themselves in the beginning of your relationship and suddenly you see a significant difference in them? It's almost like an internal alarm going off, indicating that there might be a potential issue or danger ahead. This gut feeling, commonly known as noticing a red flag, is a powerful instinct that shouldn't be ignored. This person can be a new acquaintance, a potential business partner, or even a romantic interest, learning to recognize these warning signs can save us from potentially harmful or toxic situations. In this blog series, we will explore 10 examples of various red flags moments we may encounter in relationships. So, if you've ever felt that unease or doubt when encountering someone new, or someone who suddenly changes you're not alone. Let's dive in and learn how to trust our instincts and protect ourselves from potential harm.

Based on my personal experience, here is a list of red-flag moments:

1. If he doesn't work or has any future goals to enhance their life.

2. If he/ she is consistent in asking for money.

3. If he/she drinks daily.

4. If he/she shadow is yours.

5. If he/she says don't answer the phone you both share sometimes.

6. If he/she always carries a knapsack and it contains underwear, socks, soap, deodorant, and a P.O. Box address.

7. If he/she can never be in the same place with you at his mother's/father's house.


8. When you're been in a relationship for a long time and you hear their ex-partner's name over and over again.


9. When he/she shows up wherever unannounced.

10. When he/she tells you if he or she can't have you, then nobody can.

These are Red Flag Moments!

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